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PMC Top10 - 090808

September 8th, 2008 · 2 Comments

hosted by Chris Doelle

The BONUS tracks this week;

A Slow Descent by The Butterfly Effect (w/Chris)
The Butterfly Effect - Imago - A Slow Descent


Your Face Is Not Enough by 3 Blind Mice

3 Blind Mice - Good Grief - Your Face Is Not Enough

Read on for spoiler:

Pod Music Countdown for May 25th, 2008!

10 - Made 2 Move
by Chantel

09 - Hey Kate
by The Fire Apes
The Fire Apes - The Fire Apes - Hey Kate

08 - Hey Hey Sister
by Laura Clapp
Laura Clapp - Simply - Hey Hey Sister

07 - Hold that Train
by Lil’ Ed and the Blues Imperials
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - Full Tilt - Hold That Train

06 - Mr. Rock & Roll
by Amy MacDonald
Mr. Rock & Roll

05 - Jolene
Cake - Motorcade of Generosity - Jolene

04 - Ultimate Step Remix 2008
by DJ Stu

03 - Really Really Weird
by The Simple Carnival
The Simple Carnival - Me and My Arrow - EP - Really Really Weird

02 - Tuesdays Fine
by The Fire Apes
The Fire Apes - A Perfect Day for Bananafish - Tuesday's Fine

01 - What if I’m Fine
by Judd Star
Judd Starr - Spirit and Skin - What If I'm Fine

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